Cogswell Creative enjoys working directly with clients to understand their products, challenges and unique point of difference. After decades working with agencies, design firms, marketing pros and high-end businesses Cogswell Creative's clients benefit from Kate's broad experience while enjoying boutique advantages such as direct contact and reasonable fees.


Identity & Branding

Packaging - fashion, cosmetics, food

Collateral and Publication Design - print and digital

Website Development and Design

Corporate Gift Design

While much of Cogswell Creative's work takes place in-studio, unique opportunities have included:

Design Consultation

Retainer Agreements, Long-term

Contract Arrangements - off-site, in-house or mixed

Design Instruction - Typography and Packaging

Clients have included:

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On the personal front, Kate has enjoyed a
rich family life with her spouse of many moons, which has included the rearing of one artist, one sporty sassy-pants, and one sensitive canine. She also admires unique interior, furniture and garden design and has a small vintage decor business – which justifies her treasure hunts for quality items with quirk, color and patina.